It`s time

We draw from an untapped talent pool to help employers find creative solutions to their workforce challenges.

Through extensive success coaching and support, we're helping Opportunity Youth and recent minority college graduates to combine their natural talent, resilience and grit with a heightened sense of purpose for both life and career success.

  • Solving the Skills Gap

    Employers are seeking the foundational skills needed in the 21st century workplace.

  • Increasing Retention

    $11 Billion is lost annually due to employee turnover.

  • Recognizing Potential

    Chicago is home to 50,000 Opportunity Youth.

  • Boosting Engagement

    Highly engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave their companies.

What we do

Find Your Perfect Match

Before we set you on a new career path, we need to develop a deep understanding of who you are. We`ll help you hone in on your strengths and aspirations to discover your own unique purpose—the sense of meaning and impact that motivates you to achieve your best work, and in turn, your best life.

Work Through the Transition

Through our Workplace Persistence Training—a one-to-one success coaching program—you'll develop the drive and grit to work through roadblocks and flourish in your career.

Develop a Support System

You can have all the ambition and ability in the world, but without reliable access to things like healthcare, transportation, and child care, even the most successful careers can go off track. We help all Purpose employees break through life's barriers and accomplish their best work by partnering with social service and community organizations to provide support in everything from financial assistance to mental wellness.

Who we serve

Job seekers

Unleash your true potential and jumpstart your career with dedicated support along the way.

Discover jobs

Take the first step to bringing on more motivated candidates with a better sense of purpose.

Search for talent

Our approach

Purpose specializes in working with Opportunity Youth — low-income, young adults ages 18-24. We partner with the best youth workforce development organizations that provide us with a pipeline of young adults who have successfully completed workforce development training. We then enhance their training with extensive “in-context” success coaching and support.

Development Training

We partner with some of the best training programs in the country to source youth for a variety of entry-level roles.

Career Placement

We match candidates with employers and roles based on their interests and skill level, then place them in long-term staffing positions.

Persistence Training

For a full year following placement, we build upon candidates' skills training with Workplace Persistence Training — an ongoing success coaching program that includes one-to-one coaching with a dedicated performance coach as well as peer coaching.

Elevated Engagement

The end result of workforce development training, thoughtful job matching, and Workplace Persistence Training is a more engaged employee. Our talent is motivated, engaged and has a deep sense of Purpose for the roles they fill.

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